Vision: The client comes first

My role is not only as a technician and/or artisan, but also an educator.

I strive to help the client understand the medium, possibilities, limitations, and best-practices of the web, so that they can meet and exceed their business and organizational goals.

As both a creative person and a "techie", I am ideally suited to collaborate with the professionals on both sides of the web development equation. I love finding the sweet spot where artistry and gadgetry meets practicality and usability.

Web Design: Artistry

I love the challenge to produce beautiful web designs that:

  • Have a professional look and feel.
  • Are appropiate for a client's business or organization model.
  • Are custom-tailored to their individual style and business needs.

Web Development: Gadgetry

Everybody loves the latest gadget! Or do they?

Ill-concieved "cool" effects can often confuse or annoy users, undermining the site's effectiveness, or even driving users away altogether.

The challenge on the web development side is to use just those "under the hood" toys that enhance the user's experience and help the client to achieve the best possible results for their online business goals.

In developing a site, I focus on core competencies:

  • Clean, semantic, valid XHTML and HTML5 markup.
  • Modular, cascading, reusable CSS and CSS3.
  • Dynamic content via JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Content Management and Customized Themes with WordPress.

Customer Satisfaction: Practicality and Usability

Web design isn't really all about pretty pages and flashy toys. In the end:

  • It is about surprising and delighting clients and users by surpassing their expectations.
  • It is about meeting online business goals and sales targets.
  • It is about hard work, communication, integrity, and a focus on solutions and results.