About Me

I am a Web Design and Development student, living in Seattle, WA.

I love everything about building websites, from the artistry to the geekery.

I have experience in designing, developing, and maintaining customized web solutions for small-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. I have also developed and incorporated several custom WordPress themes for clients.

As a life-long student who embraces new learning opportunies with enthusiasm, I am quick and diligent with acquiring and implementing new skills to high standards, and can rapidly adapt to challenging environments and projects.

Vision: The client comes first

My role is not only as a technician and/or artisan, but also an educator. I strive to help the client understand the medium, possibilities, limitations, and best-practices of the web, so that they can meet and exceed their business and organizational goals. More…


I am currently studying Web Design and Web Development at Seattle Central Community College and will soon have certificates in both. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. I am seeking a full-time position or internship as a front-end web developer.

Contact me if you think I might be a good fit for your organization or project.